What is this blog about?

I would like this blog to discuss the beauty and richness of the word of God and its relevance to our lives.

I would like this blog to talk about and pursue the truth. I believe there is such thing as objective truth that we can find and practice. Often the truth in the word of God becomes suppressed by personal or denominational interest or fear. Some passages are sometimes never even discussed and the relevant questions never asked because the real danger of labels and ostracism.

The truth is oblivious to who we are. Remember Jesus who, as soon as he spoke up, heard the questions: Who does this guy think he is? Where did he learn? What are his degrees? (Mark 6:2-3) They ignored or refused to answer his questions. They could not stand hearing the truth and thus tried to suppress it. This will be a place where we chase after truth not after those who said it!

You are encouraged to comment on blogs! Please do. Feel free to add, improve, correct, agree or disagree with what I’ve said.  Here are some rules to help along the way:

  1. keep comments to the length of a paragraph (5 sentences) – it’s not the place for sermons or rants or a second blog post
  2. keep comments polite – comments with insults or name-calling will not be published
  3. try to bring arguments from Scripture for what you write – a ‘That’s what I believe and that’s the end of it’ isn’t helping you or anybody else.
  4. comments with links that are not directly related to the blog post or the topic will not be published

All comments will be moderated and will appear within about 24 hours.